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A welcoming community for non-traditional, self-taught devs looking to fill the gaps in their learning. A place to mess up and community!

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Weekly Kata Challenges Example

Our weekly kata challenges take place on It's free and you can sign in via your GitHub account. We'll also be occasionally solving some from Free Code Camp as well (also free and can use GitHub).

General Kata

This week we'll be solving the Fizz Buzz Cuckoo Clock.

Coding Prep Kata

For those who want an extra challenge more focused on Coding Interview Prep, try to work this one out - Pairwise.

Month Book Reading Example

The second book we'll be reading here is The Business Case for AI.

This first week we'll be reading the Introduction as well as through Part 1: Frame Your AI Thinking.

There's a corresponding Chat channel for the book discussions as well. Be sure you're in there!.

Upcoming Events

Community Chat

Our community chat is where we make connections, ask questions, and participate in weekly coding challenges and book studies.

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